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Novo Nordisk to Localize the Production of Innovative Insulin in the Kaluga Region


Novo Nordisk has started the first phase of localization of the latest-generation insulin at its plant in the Kaluga Region. This decision is based on the widespread prevalence of diabetes in our country with the aim to increase patient access to advanced therapy.

The first phase of production of the latest-generation insulin was launched in difficult epidemiological conditions. The company is confident that, despite the pandemic, the production of innovative insulin must develop, because people with diabetes cannot wait since they need insulin preparations every day.

In his welcoming speech, the Governor of the Kaluga Region Vladislav Shapsha said: “Novo Nordisk produces now a complete portfolio of modern insulin for half a million Russian patients, and the production startup of Fiasp® innovative insulin in FleksPen® will make the most modern therapy more available for Russian patients to improve their life time and quality.”

Fiasp® is an innovative formulation of ultrafast insulin aspart with added nicotinamide, which first appeared in Russia at the end of 2019. Novo Nordisk aims to make it more accessible to Russian patients by transferring production to Russia.

The first phase of production involves the assembly, packaging, labeling and launching of pre-filled FlexPen® syringe pens. In the meantime, preparations are being made for the localization of the 2nd phase– the production of a finished dosage form using an original substance from Denmark to begin in 2023.

Vice President and General Manager of Novo Nordisk in Russia and Belarus Hans Duijf commented on the launch of new facilities at the plant in the Kaluga Region and noted that the relevance of the localization of insulin production in our country can hardly be overestimated.


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